• SACH Meeting with Chairman NCHRP

SACH Meeting with Chairman NCHRP

The scheduled meeting took place between Ms. Khalida Salimi, Executive Director – SACH – Struggle for Change along with SACH team and Mr. Ali Nawaz Chouhan, Chairman – NCHRP. The agenda of the meeting was to give a brief of SACH’s project to Chairman NCHRP, and discuss prospects of collaboration between NCHRP and SACH by signing an MoU between both parties . Ms.Khalida gave a brief introduction of SACH and its efforts for eradication of torture through a holistic approach since 1994. The current project funded by EIDHR was discussed along with the interventions planned and being implemented.

Chairman NCHRP, Mr. Chouhan showed concern that the judiciary and police department need a lot of guidance in reference to human rights and also suggested separate training sessions for both. SACHextended its cooperation for training judges and police in collaboration with NCHRP. In reciprocity, Mr. Chouhan extended full cooperation for conducting regional consultations on UNCAT implementation with relevant stakeholders including legislature, law enforcers, legal fraternity and media, which SACH plans to conduct in near future. He assured his personal assistance, and directed his team to participate with fervor. Mr. Chouhan also requested SACH to provide assistance in development of prison reform report and suggested that the report should be technicalwith concrete facts and figures regarding circumstances of prisoners during their stay in jail. SACHshall assist NCHR in this prison fact finding visits.

Chairman NCHRP Mr. Chouhan proposed to sign a Letter of Exchangeto cooperate with SACH in its mission for prevention of torture.