Forced Marriages


Forced Marriage Unit

Forced marriage is a human right violation. Sach has been working on the issue of forced marriages since 2000as one of their commitment to eliminate the root causes and contributing factors through awareness raising for forced marriages among Pakistan nationals and dual nationals.
Sach had agreed on doing a project to prevent forced marriages with British High Commission in 2003. Project is based on awareness campaign and intervention strategies.
Sach has also initiated a project on awareness raising on the issue of forced marriages with the support of Netherlands. Sach have another initiative in pipeline with Belgium embassy. It is on the issue of violence against women, with emphasis on the prevention of forced marriages with a theme of access to justice for Pakistan nationals.
Sach have another initiative with NCA (Norwegian Church Aid) which also in pipeline. It is also on the issue of gender based violence with a special focus on reduction of forced marriages among Pakistan as well as dual (Norway immigrants) nationals. 
Sach has initiated awareness campaigns and rescue operation, provision of services to the victims/survivors of force marriages with its own resources. Victims and survivors receiving assistance /services constituted measurable number of dual nationals in the initial phase of its work on the issue. 
Forced marriage programme activities:
Under its forced marriage programme Sach has following activities.

Research Activities:


  • Base line survey.
  • KAP studies.
  • Research on legal aspects of forced marriage.
  • Research on religious text relevant to forced marriage issue.
  • Development of training materials.
  • Capacity building exchange visits.
  • To conduct sensitization workshop on gender issue.


Intervention Strategies/Awareness Rising:

  • To develop IEC material.
  • FGDs (focus group discussions).
  • Workshops.
  • TFDs (theatre for development).
  • Seminars.
  • Poster Exhibitions.
  • Involvement of print and electronic media
  • Engaging and training of stake holders at community level.
  • Net working between communities and line departments and local /national level NGO.
  • Capacity building trainings.
  • Referral and support mechanisms through diplomatic and other channels.
  • Sensitization of religious leaders performing marriage ceremonies.
  • Advocacy for development of appropriate sanctions for perpetrators.


SACH Shelter Home:


SACH has been running its shelter home since Dec1999. The incentive is the provision of safe shelter. Sach in collaboration with British High Commission is dealing with forced marriage victims and distressed British nationals. Since then it has dealt with number of cases of forced marriages referred by British High Commission. All shelter activities are designed and maintained so that the maximum number of privileges could be provided to the victims. Instigating the aim of shelter home SACH has the following objectives:

  • To provide the victims of forced marriages protection from the perpetrators.
  • To accommodate them at a safer place where they can exercise their rights without being exploited.
  • To provide the rehabilitation services including counseling medical and legal assistance to the victims of forced marriages.
  • To facilitate them in order to combat and manage their grievances.
  • To accompany the victims till the solution of their problems.