Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation program for the Victims of Torture and their families

Since its inception, SACH is working on the rehabilitation of torture victims with holistic approach. It works on three levels that are i) provision of services for the victims and their families ii) building capacity of the relevant stake holders, iii) advocacy and awareness.

Rehabilitation program for the victims of torture

 “Rehabilitation program for Victims of torture” is implemented with the financial support of European Commission. Under this program, two approaches have been adopted for the identification and provision of rehabilitation services to the victims of torture. Center based approach through the establishment of 2 centers; one in Haripur and other in Islamabad and reaching out approach through the mobile teams with in the community.

The overall objective of the program is to support eradication of torture in Pakistan and to create an environment for the ratification of CAT (Convention Against Torture) by the Government of Pakistan. 
The specific objectives also include improved access to the rehabilitation services of the torture victims by building the capacity of the health professionals working on different levels through series of trainings. The rehabilitation services include medical care, psychological support, physiotherapy, socioeconomic support, legal advice and assistance.

Schematic layout of Rehabilitation Program