Access To Justice Program


Violence against women is a complex issue and exists in the society in various forms. Women in Pakistani society are being considered as second class citizens and subjected widely to all kinds of violence and are treated discriminately in every sector. Women were being deprived even the basic human rights like right to education, choice of marriage, right to property ownership and many more. A large number of women were subjected to domestic violence committed generally by husbands or close relatives. Violence against women is the worst form of violation of human rights in Pakistan, which includes assault, mutilation; acid throwing, Vani, honor killing, exchange marriage and domestic violence etc. Discriminatory treatment against women negated the principle of equal rights. It not only creates hurdles in social, political, economic and cultural fields, but it also discourages the confidence of women. There are many cultural and societal practices and discriminatory laws that give rise to certain forms of violence such as restriction to have access to justice, no recognition of reproductive right of women, no recognition of property rights and many others.

 About the Project:

The project SACH-Access to Justice is providing legal assistance and aid to the women victims of violence and also raising awareness among the targeted communities regarding the women rights particular the legal rights. This program is funded by the Belgium Embassy.

The project has two key objectives that include:

To provide legal service to the women victims of violence and discrimination by establishment of an e-justice system i.e. help line, web portal and legal coordination office.
To raise awareness on the rights of women particularly legal rights through outreach efforts and capacity building with target groups.

Area of coverage:

The proposed Legal Aid program will be initiated in the following major localities:

  • Rawalpindi
  • Murree
  • Gujar Khan
  • Islamabad

Legal Coordination Office:


SACH has established a legal coordination office at Islamabad Courts premises in order to provide legal advice and assistance to walk in clients. This legal coordination office will play a key role for the implementation of project activities. Through this legal coordination office information will be disseminated, case registration, court representations and legal counseling will be provided to the women victim of violence.

Legal Advice at doorstep:

MLT (Mobile Legal Team) is deployed and working in the targeted areas to provide the legal advise and procedure to the women victim of violence.

Help line and website:

One of the basic key of this program is the establishment of Help Line and Website. A help line system has established in SACH main office. The basic purpose of this help line is to provide online counseling and advice on legal concerns of the women who are restricted to come to the courts due to the social constraints or other problems. The help line would provide online speedy counseling and advice on legal matters of women and would also refer their cases to the relevant departments after the assessment. (Help line:111-000-142)

Project Activities:


  • Police sensitization workshops
  • Para Legal Trainings with Community Representatives
  • TFD( Theater for development)
  • Legal Camps
  • Workshops with Stakeholders
  • Awareness Raising Campaigns
  • Networking and referral System:

SACH-Access to Justice has developed a strong networking and referral system with NGOs, lNGOs, Law enforcement agencies, Local Govt. Lawyers, social welfare departments to facilitate women for addressing their issues and problems.