Child Protection And Monitoring Center

Rehabilitation Program for Children in Difficult Circumstances

SACH-Struggle for Change started its journey to provide full Rehabilitation services to the vulnerable group of people who are the victim of the traumatic human right abuses since 1994.  ONE of the project in which SACH- struggle for change is working for the vulnerable group of the children is named as MADAWA
Madawa means to ratify, to cure and to compensate for people’s losses and sufferings. In Pakistan, one can see countless faces of children who roam around in the streets, who pick up trash, and who quarrel over a loaf of bread.   These children know they have to quench their desires by their self-devised means. They rely on their instincts snatching and fighting their way to survival. In addition, 50% population of such children is that of Afghan minors. They are also provided rehabilitation services by SACH.
Area of work: SACH started Madawa Child Protection & Monitoring Center at GBSA Pirwadhai and Peshawar where hundreds of children daily come to earn their livelihood. Most of these children are runaways, orphans or separated children living at GBSA while some of them are working with the consent of their parents. They are the victims of all kind of Human Rights Abuses. Sexual, Physical and Emotional abuse are the major issues of these children.

Child issues in General Bus Stand Area (GBSA):

  1. Shelter
  2. Education
  3. Physical Abuse
  4. Sexual Abuse
  5. Health & Hygiene
  6. Drug Addiction
  7. Low Wages