Q1. What is SACH?

Ans. SACH-Struggle for Change is one of the few organizations in Pakistan, presently working for Human Rights abuses focusing on the issue of torture and violence with a holistic approach providing direct services to the victims. It was registered as a non -governmental organization on 29th December 1994 under the Societies Act 1860.

 Q2. What services SACH gives?
Ans. Below are the services of SACH

  • Rehabilitation Services for Victims of Torture
  • Medical Services
  • Psychological Services
  • Physiotherapy
  • Social support
  • Legal Assistance
  • Training conducted by SACH for different professional

Q3.What is the vision of SACH?
Ans. The vision of Sach is to see a society free of torture where human beings especially marginalized sections of the society can practice their rights without any fear of being exploited and where nobody suppresses the fundamental rights of anybody on the basis of any social and/or economic status, and where in the way of a productive and progressive life, nobody shall be subjected to torture, inhuman, degrading treatment or behavior and punishment.  To contribute to vision, SACH works for the empowerment and awareness of the community through service delivery, and education about their fundamental rights.

Q4. Who is funding SACH

Please view the Donors List.