Refugee Social Service

Services of SACH: 

The programs of SACH focus around the issue of violence and torture, the beneficiaries of SACH are marginalized and vulnerable groups of people or refugees or displaced people, children and women at a grassroots level or with government and civil society at the national level.  It has used a multi-pronged approach and this is reflected in the diversity of the programme and the tools used for the promotion of survivors and human rights.

Rehabilitation Services for target beneficiaries: 

The main aim of the SACH is to work for the rehabilitation of the victims of different traumatic human rights abuses such as torture, violence, refugee’s issues, and child sexual abuse, forced marriages without any discrimination of race, culture, cast,creed, religion, sex or age.
For the reintegration and resettlement of these victims into the society, team of dedicated professionals comprising of doctors, physiotherapist, psychologist, lawyers, counselors, provide them equality care in a professional manner. Along with the physical health of these victims, emotional well being and self empowerment of these survivors is also emphasized so that they can live an independent normal life, which previously has been denied to them. For the economic empowerment, micro entrepreneurship development training and financial assistance is offered to the victims if needed.
For the rehabilitation of victims, SACH team has two approached i-e.

  • Center based service program and
  • Reaching out to the survivors in the communities by arranging camps