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SACH has organized Stakeholder dialogue on Gender Based Violence and child protection on 17th Nov, 2016 at Shelton Rezidor, Peshawar in collaboration with UNHCR.
The activity was attended by Mr. Ijaz Muhammad Khan (Acting Chief-Child Protection Commission), District Officer-Social Welfare, Colleagues from CAR UNHCR, other Govt. and Non Govt. organization. The whole activity was interactive and all the participants shared their experiences about GBV and child protection.
Mr. Awais-ur-Rehman, Task Manager from SACH - Struggle for Change shared in his introductory session of SACH � Struggle for change. He gave a brief introduction of the organization and shared with audience that the organization is devoted to the victims of violence and torture. He also shared the service, activities and work of SACH for refugees
Ms. Bushra Attaullah (Assistant Protection Officer-UNHCR) gave a brief presentation on UNHCR�s mandate and International Protection Framework- Rights of Refugees and IDPs in context of current situation /policy/status of registered Afghans and IDPs. A brief discussion on GBV and child Protection was facilitated by Mr. Imran Takkar (Trainer-SACH). GENDER-BASED violence is deeply rooted in regions like South Asia even today. Stereotyping women and discrimination against them get even more dangerous and terrifying in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Gender-based violence is a persistent problem in Afghan communities. He said gender discrimination is a harsh tragedy with the woman presumed the weaker sex both in Pakistani and Afghani society. He added that women are expected to be submissive and dependent while man is believe to be active, aggressive and independent, which is why man always dominates the woman.
It was emphasized that there is a dire need to combat gender-based violence through community awareness with focus on religious and community elders etc.
In Pakistan and Afghanistan the causes of violence are due to deep-rooted social and cultural values. Sadly, women facing discrimination and violence do not get a great deal of support from society and government. It is the duty of government to formulate gender-sensitive policies in collaboration with the civil society so that crimes against women can be minimized. Such policies will also help in changing the attitude of the people in the long run.
In the vote of thanks speech, Ms. Shazia Azhar, Project Coordinator from SACH shared that workshop will serve as a framework to develop better understandings about GBV and Child Protection She thanked member from UNHCR, Child Protection Unit KPK CAR, and all participants for their active participation and make the activity successful.
At the end of the activity all the participants agreed to work in collaboration for better addressing GBV and child Protection issues.

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International Women's Day in Peshawar - 2016

SACH - Struggle for Change organized an event in Peshawar on International Women's Day.

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International Women's Day - 2016

The cases of violence against women in Pakistan have always been on the rise, and there is dire need to increase our collective efforts to fight for the rights of under privileged women and eliminate all forms of discrimination against women. SACH has been devoted to the victims of violence and torture, especially the female victims since its inception. Gender equality and women’s empowerment are fundamental to the very identity of SACH – Struggle for Change.

On International Women's Day this year, SACH reaffirmed its commitment to continue with its advocacy and awareness-raising initiatives for women's better and positive status in the society. Being an active member of the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls Alliance (EVAWG), SACH participated in the customary torch-bearer walk organized each year to draw attention to the cause of gender equality and women empowerment in Pakistan. The event was organized by the Alliance with teeming participation from organizations and groups working for women’s rights in the country. The walk commenced from F-6 Markaz towards the Islamabad Press Club, with participants chanting and holding placards with feminist slogans. At the end of the walk, senior women’s rights activists shared their views and presented a position paper by EVAWG Alliance National Chapter Pakistan, intending to suggest to the Commission on the Status of Women as to what recommendations should be proposed to achieve gender parity in the context of SDGs.

In addition, to mark UN International Women’s Day SACH - Peshawar organized “Voice for Gender Equality on Tuesday March 09, 2016 at Bibi Marium Afghan School, Hayatabad, Peshawar. The activity consisted of speeches, poetry and debates relating to the theme of the day.


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Annual Retreat - Sawat & Malamjabba

Annual UNHCR Project retreat at Sawat and Malamjaba.

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Annual Retreat - Highland Country Club

Annual BPRM Project retreat at "Highland Country Club" Islamabad.

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Debate Competition - Right to Choose

Competition on "Right to choose" Assurance of Blissful wedlock amongst various universities of Islamabad students, conducted at Bahria University, Islamabad on December 10, 2015.

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Educational Feista at Nothia

To commemorate 16 days of activism to end Gender Based Violence, SACH – Struggle for Change organized an event with the title of “EDUCATIONAL FESTA” in Aryana Experimental High School Nothia, Peshawar Cant on December 10, 2015. The activity was started with the recitation of Holy Quran by an Afghan Religious Scholar. The scheduled event was consisted on Pictorial Presentation, Success Story, Painting Competition, Poetry and an interview with a Psychologist and Lawyer regarding GBV. All the segments were arranged as per the theme of the year “Make Education Safe for all”.

The event was joined by Mr. Samad Khan UNHCR representative, Mr. Khalil KarimiFocal Person of Afghan Student Union Peshawar University, Community Members including Influential persons, Religious clerics, youth, Students and teachers. All the participants including renowned guests appreciated SACH staff for organizing such an informative event to involve Afghan Students for the purpose to eliminate Gender Based Violence. In the event it was reflected that education is the basic right of all persons without gender discrimination. Regarding female education, it was also visualized that female also have the due right to get education and they should not be deprived from their rights.

In the event focal person of Afghan Students Union, Peshawar University appreciated SACH and UNHCR efforts for the development of Afghan Refugees. He gave his view point on female education and their key role in the societythat by educating a single woman is like to educate a generation. He insisted that education is the right of every person and they should not be deprived from their rights. In today’s world the power of a pen is the strongest weapon on the globe. It is education that changes the world and brings behavioral changes in the society; it is the sign of development of a nation. He also shared with the participants about child abused that children are the future of a nation and we should encourage and facilitate them to seek knowledge.

Principle of Aryana Experimental High School encouraged the students about education that education is the most important tool in 21st century and no one can live a happy life without it. He appreciated SACH organization for organizing such an informative event that enhanced the knowledge of the students as well other community members about the importance of education and GBV. At the end he appreciated all the segments of the activity and announced cash prizes for the talented students.

At the end Task Manager pay a grateful thanks to all the participants’ especially religious clerics, influential persons, teachers, youth and students, who made the event successful with their participation. He shared with the participants that gender discrimination is the biggest social evil of our society that creates hurdles in our development. Everyone have their rights to live a happy life and to acquire their rights, for which education is the most important tool.We should get together to raise voice against gender based violence and provide every possible facility and right to our generations.

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Educational Event at Afghan Colony

SACH organized educational event on 8th December, 2015 at Pak Nazreen No 2 School of afghan colony to mark 16 days of activism. The event was started by recitation of the verses of Holy Quran, and consisted upon Hamd, Poetry, Quiz competition among students, Drama, Afghan national anthem and some other audience interacted activities. All the commotions were prepared regarding the theme of the year, i.e., making education safe for young people without gender discrimination.

The activity was joint efforts of SACH staff, and Students, teachers, community members of Afghan refugees. The UNHCR representative ALI Husnain attended the event and appreciated SACH staff efforts to organize the energetic event for students. She also gave a massage that education is the basic right of all persons and discrimination should not be held on the basis of gender. She also motivated the students for higher education and promised UNHCR support regarding GBV and further cooperation in future.

The member of Commssionerate Afghan refugee  (CAR) Ms Bushra, joint the event and gave a positive message that education is the shield for women specially, but unfortunately females are usually have to be deprived of this in our society. But we have to fight and have to raise our voices against it.

At the end SACH staff member Nuzhat Taskeen thanked all the participants, guests, students and teachers of the community for joining the event and also appreciated the efforts of all participants foe making the fruitful event. The activity was winded up with a written massage of all the participants on a sign banner of SAY NO TO GENDER BASED VIOLENCE.

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